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    TST 3/20 Meter Test Bench with 20 Positions

    Meter Test Bench with 20 Positions

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    The Test Bench is designed to test all types of electricity meters of accuracy class 0.5 or worse – mechanical or electronic, single-phase or three-phase (Wye or Delta), for active, reactive or apparent energy.

    Tests – Error, Register, Starting Current, No-Load, Constant, Load Only.

    Modes – Manual or Test Plans.

    Components of the Test Bench

    • A Three-Phase Voltage Source, up to 300 Vac generation per phase
    • A Three-Phase Current Source, up to 120 A generation per phase
    • A Three-Phase Energy Standard Class 0.05
    • Isolating Current Transformers (Option)
    • Meter Suspension Rack with 20 positions for hanging the meter, 20 Scanning Heads with 3D Mechanical Support, 20 Error Indicators, Tariffs, Panic Button, Lamp
    • PC under Windows, with “TST3” Software for automatic control of the Test Bench, saving the test results, search in Data Base, print of Test Reports