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    About us


    EMSYST-6 Ltd. was founded in 1992 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The founders are highly qualified electronics and mechanical engineers with long experience in computer research and development. Their expertise was then directed in design and manufacturing of precision measuring instruments.

    EMSYST has adopted a strategy of continuous development because we believe in offering the most modern products, which meet the important needs of our customers. Therefore we place a high value on customer relationships and their feedback for achieving this goal.

    Quality, reliability and safety are high priorities. Our quality system has been established and is continuously maintained through internal and external audits in accordance with ISO 9001.

    Policy on quality, environment, and health and labour safety

    EMSYST-6’s strategic goal is to ensure sustainable development, satisfying at the same time the requirements and expectations of our customers and interested parties.

    EMSYST-6 Ltd. takes into account the necessity to develop and apply environment friendly processes within the framework of stable economic surroundings, in harmony with the nature and respect towards humans.

    To this purpose, the company has introduced an integrated management system regarding quality, measurement instruments, metrological verification, environment, and health and labour safety in compliance with the paper standards БДС EN ISO 9001:2015, БДС EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, БДС EN ISO 14001:2015 and БДС ISO 45001:2018, the object of what is to make it possible to permanently provide products or services which meet the requirements and satisfy the customers and the interested parties.

    Using the quality management processual approach, combined with the PDCA cycle application and a thinking, based on the risk concept at the design, manufacturing, supply, assembly, putting into operation and servicing of electronic measurement and control devices, instruments and test benches upon customer‘s order, as well as at carrying out initial and subsequent metrological verification of measuring instruments in accordance with the legal and normative requirements, EMSYST-6 Ltd. achieves planning foreseeability, stability and continuity of its activities and operations, and improvement of products‘  and services‘ quality together with environment protection, staff health and safety. On this basis, an improved satisfaction of the customers‘ and interested parties‘ requirements is attained.

    As a part of the continuous improvement process, the company‘s management sets its goals and its quality, environment protection, health and labour safety management policy within the general framework of the business development. These are reconsidered yearly from the point of view of the degree of their implementation, actuality and adequacy towards the conditions in their activity area, whereby, upon necessity, new or amended goals, or policy, are approved.

    The management expects, and will require from the whole staff, to contribute personally and to actively cooperate to the development and  efficiency raising of the integrated management system, for realisation of its policy and its envisaged targets.

    At the International Technical Fair – an annual event held in Bulgaria, the company was twice awarded twice a Gold medal for our Power Factor Regulator product, PFR 1 and our Three-phase Energy Standard PEWM-3C.

    Our products

    The company’s focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis. In addition, the company has developed a portfolio of equipment designed for testing water and heat meters.

    In the electricity field, a number of portable devices were developed – three-phase energy standards, phantom loads, network analysers, current transformer testers. Electricity Meter Test Benches are also manufactured, and older ones updated, up-graded or renovated.

    The company has established two certified laboratories for calibration and verification, respectively, in accordance to the prestigious ISO 17025 standard.

    In the company are developed and manufactured stationary and portable standards for metrological verification of flow- and water meters. The calibration result traceability is ensured to national standards. Over 10 laboratories for metrological verification of water- and heath meters are build in Bulgaria using our test benches. We have equipped also the laboratories for metrological verification, testing and calibration of Bulgarian institute of Metrology (BIM) in Sofia and Plovdiv, and the heath meter verification laboratory in BIM’s regional department in Varna. Our products are intended for testing and verification of water- and flow meters, and enjoy continuous interest at home and abroad.

    The company’s range of products is permanently modernized and developed, and this is due not only to the experience and skills of its design engineers, but also to the professional feed-back with the customers.

    Company’s customers have been the electricity utility companies in Bulgaria and in some neighbouring countries, the National Metrological Centre of Bulgaria, the Water-Supply Companies, Manufacturing companies in Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia and France.

    Our team

    Petya Petrova

    Executive Manager, obtained her Master’s degree in Power Electronics in the Technical University of Sofia and worked since her graduation in 1977 for the Central Institute of Computer Technology in Sofia, until founding in 1992 EMSYST-6 Ltd.

    e-mail: petya@emsyst.com

    Yordan Vassilev

    Engineering and Production Manager, obtained his Master’s degree in Instrumentation from the Technical University of Sofia in 1977 and was since then and until founding EMSYST-6 with the Central Institute of Computer Technology. He is responsible for all engineering development and production activities.

    e-mail: d.vasilev@emsyst.com

    Yavor Zachariev

    Soft- and firmware Manager, obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Technology from the Technical University of Sofia in 1984. His experience started thereafter in the Central Institute of Computer Technology. He is one of the founders of EMSYST-6. He is responsible responsible for all Firmware and Software development.

    e-mail: zahariev@emsyst.com

    Andrey Dyankov

    Quality Manager, obtained his Master’s degree in Electronic Technology in 1979 from the Technical University of Sofia and joined after his graduation the Central Institute of Computer technology in Sofia to take part in disk computer periphery development. He joined EMSYST-6 in 1993 and he is responsible for maintaining the company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certifications. In addition he has product development responsibilities for water products.

    e-mail: andrey@emsyst.com

    Stanislav Shurulinkov

    Laboratory manager, obtained his Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Sofia in 1976, where he began his career as a member of the Faculty in the Physics Department. He then became Director of the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, and the Chairman of the State Committee of Standardization and Metrology. After that he became a research fellow at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for Physics. He joined EMSYST in 2003 and is responsible for both Metrology Laboratories.