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    Metrological Laboratory


    At EMSYST-6 Ltd. were established and operate metrological verification and calibration laboratories, which comply with all international standards and prescriptive requirements on their application field, and possess the correspondent certificates, entitling them to carry out the respective measurements.

    Verification laboratory

    The verification laboratories are authorized by the State Agency of Metrological and Technical Supervision (SAMTS) according to Art. 50 para. 1 and par. 2 of the Act on Measurements to perform initial and subsequent metrological verification of:

    • Electromechanical and electronic electricity meters for active and reactive energy in three-phase, three- and four- wire service, or in single-phase service, single and multiple tariff, accuracy classes 0.2 s, 0.5 s, 1, 2, 3

    • Water meters for cold and hot water within a range of 0.03 m3 / h to 30.0 m3 / h, accuracy classes A, B and C.

    The management system of the verification laboratories in accordance with standard BDS EN ISO / IEC17025 ” General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, which is a major prerequisite for acquiring rights for verification.

    Calibration laboratory

    The calibration Laboratory is accredited by Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service ( EA “BAS”) pursuant  to BS EN ISO / IEC17025 in accordance with Art. 10, paragraph 1, item 4 and art. 28, para. 1 of the Act on National Accreditation. EA “BAS” is a full member of the European Organization for Accreditation (EA) and is a party in the multinational agreement of recognition (MRA) for the  accreditation schemes on the field “Calibration Laboratories”. This means that the results of our calibration certificates are recognised in all member states of the EA. The accreditation scope encompasses:

    • Electrical energy standards, single-phase and three-phase, for active and reactive energy

    • Fixtures with electronic standard electricity  meter for metrological verification of single-phase and three-phase meters for active and reactive energy

    • Flow meters and portable flow meter  stations, to calibrate with water as working fluid

    To maintain a high reliability level of calibrations results, and proof of the staff competence and the proper condition of its technical equipment, the laboratory regularly participates in international interlaboratory comparisons, where invariably demonstrates full compliance with the requirements.

    Verification laboratory

    Verification laboratory customers are all end users of electricity and water services, and all electricity service organizations, due to submit periodically their meters for metrological verification according to the Act on Measurements. The verification intervals differ depending on the type of meter and its field of use.

    Calibration laboratory

    The calibration laboratory’s customers are metrological, industrial and scientific laboratories, licensed to perform metrological verification of electricity or water meters, declaring readiness to meet the ISO 9001 quality system requirements, or simply being involved in trading with electrical energy or water and being aware that their billing instruments have to be periodically calibrated to higher accuracy class standards.

    Here, EMSYST-6 Ltd applies its expertise in manufacturing high accuracy class standards in the field of their use. Almost all standards, manufactured by EMSYST-6 and sold, have to be calibrated, according to their accuracy class, to the corresponding higher class standard in the calibration laboratory.