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    PEWM-3C-C Portable Three-phase Working Standard Class 0.05 / 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 Meter Tests, CT Tests, Analysis

    Portable Three-phase Working Standard Class 0.05

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    PEWM-3C-C is used for quick on-site tests of all types of electricity meters and current transformers (CT), also for analysis of the available load. 

    The current is measured either via Current Clamps (CC) to 100 A (Class 0.2) or direct connection up to 10 A (class 0.05 or 0.1). 

    The current on the primary of the CT is measured with three 1000 A CC, or 3 Flexible Current probes to 3000A (with one joint box in 3 ranges). Isolated BNC input is provided to measure the signal from a High Voltage Current probe (Amp Lite Wire – 2000A/100kV).


    TESTS: Meter Error, Error on the Primary side of the CTs, Register Test, CT Ratio Test, Vector Diagram, Harmonic Analysis, Burden Test, Wave Forms;

    ENERGY TYPE: Active, Reactive or Apparent energy; 

    MEMORY: Max. 300 Files are saved in Flash Memory; 

    POWER SUPPLY: From the measuring circuit – up to 480 Vac, auxiliary;

    SOFTWARE: PEWM Software operates under Windows with the following main functions: Download Files, Search in MySQL Data Base, Add additional Data, Print Test Reports, Export in Excel.



    • New! Improved Accuracy – class 0.05 for Direct measurement;
    • Wide range Power Supply from the three phases of the Voltage Measuring Circuit – up to 480 Vac;
    • New! Improved Software with MySQL Data Base & export in Excel;
    • Error Measurement on the Primary of the CTs – this is the Error of the whole measurement circuit;
    • New! Statistics – up to 5 Errors at one Test Point are repeated, the Average Error and Standard Deviation are calculated.