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    PEWM-3C-1C Portable Single Phase Working Standard – Class 0.2

    Portable Single Phase Working Standard – Class 0.2

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    PEWM-3C-1C is used for on-site testing of all types single-phase electricity meters – for active, reactive or apparent energy; electronic or electro-mechanical. Voltage and current are measured at the same time. 

    The current is measured with an electronically compensated current clamp to 100 A (120 A), class 0.2.

    TESTS:  Meter Error, Register Test, Harmonic Analysis, Wave Forms, General Measurements;

    ENERGY TYPE: Active, Reactive or Apparent energy; 

    MEMORY: Max. 100 Files are saved in Flash Memory; 

    POWER SUPPLY: From the measuring circuit – up to 480 Vac, auxiliary;

    SOFTWARE: PEWM Software operates under Windows with the following main functions: Download Files, Search in MySQL Data Base, Add additional Data, Print Test Reports, Export in Excel.


    • Wide range Power Supply from the Voltage Measuring Circuit  – up to 480 Vac;
    • New! Improved Software with MySQL Database & export in Excel.