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    PEWM-3A-C Portable Three-Phase Energy Standard Class 0.04 or 0.02

    Portable Three-Phase Energy Standard Class 0.04 or 0.02

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    The three-phase energy standard PEWM-3A-C is used for a precise verification of electricity meters or calibration of energy standard – single-phase or 3-phase (Wye or Delta), for active, reactive or apparent energy. 

    The current can be measured via direct connection in two ranges – 12A or 120A, or with current clamps to 100A.

    The accuracy class of PEWM-3A-C is 0.04 or 0.02 for direct measurement and class 0.2 with current clamps.

    The revolutions of the disc or the LED pulses from the electricity meters are counted with a Universal Scanning Head or with the help of a Manual button or through a high-frequency BNC input. 

    All types of meters could be tested: single-phase or three-phase, Wye or Delta, mechanical or electronic, direct or indirect.  

    TESTS:  Error (with Statistics), Register, No Load, Starting Current Test, Analysis;

    ENERGY TYPE: Active, Reactive or Apparent energy; 

    MEASUREMENT MODES: Test Plans, Manual Tests, Load Measurement;

    ANALYSIS MODE: Performed with Current Clamps to 100 A; 

    MEMORY: Max. 100 Files, with 48 test points each, are saved in Flash; 

    SOFTWARE: EE Software operates under Windows with the following main functions: Download Files, Search in MySQL Database, Print Test Reports, Export in Excel, Create Test Plans.


    • Accuracy: Class 0.02, low Temperature Coefficient and excellent   Long Term Stability
    • Load Mode: Display of Vector Diagram or a Table with the values of U, I, P, ϕ, PF, THD, f
    • Automatic Test Plans: Pre-defined Test Plans are used to perform Meter tests automatically, with generation of Load from outside
    • Export of Test Reports in Excel
    • Statistics (New!):  Up to 5 Errors at one Test Point are repeated, Average Error and Standard Deviation are calculated.