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The company's focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis.

TST 3/5 Universal

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Application and brief description

The Test Bench consists of the following components:

  • A Three-Phase Voltage Generator EE-500 V for voltages up to 500Vac;
  • Five identical Modules EE-120A, each comprising three-phase current generators from 1 mA to 120A each) and Energy Standard Class 0.04;
  • Meter Suspension Rack with 5 positions for hanging the meter, Scanning Heads,        Electronic Readers, Tariffs, Panic Button, Lamp;
  • PC  with EE Software for control, memorizing, search and print of Reports.


  • Meter Testing with closed U-I links, no need of Isolating CTs;
  • Great Accuracy – class 0.04; No additional Error from ICTs or voltage drops;
  • If a meter is missing, no need of re-connections, just switch off the Module;
  • Very light, modular construction, easy  for support.