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    TST 3/1 Meter Test Bench with 1 Position

    One Position Electricity Meter Test Bench
    One Position Electricity Meter Test Bench

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    The Test Bench TST 3/1 consists of a Three-phase Energy Standard Class 0.04, Voltage and Current Load in one case. It can test all types of electricity meters – mechanical or electronic; Single-phase or 3W Delta or 4W Wye; direct or CT rated; for active, reactive or apparent energy.


    • Error
    • Register
    • Starting Current
    • No Load
    • Meter Constant
    • Harmonics
    • Load Only

    A single Test or pre-defined Test Plans can be executed manually (from the panel of the casing) or by a control from a PC with EE Software.

    Components of the main Casing

    • Three-Phase Voltage Generator up to 500 Vac
    • Three-Phase Current Generator up to 120 A
    • Three-Phase Energy Standard Class 0.04

    Meter Suspension Rack equipped with

    • Aluminum Stand for hanging of one Meter
    • Universal Scanning Head with 3D Mechanics
    • IR Optical Register Reader
    • Quick Current Connectors
    • Current Cables and Safety Voltage Sockets

    EE Software with the following features

    • Control of the Test Bench
    • Meter Tests in Manual Mode or Automatic Test Plans
    • Search in MySQL Data Base, print of Test Reports
    • Export of Test Results in Excel
    • Statistics – up to 10 repeats, calculation of Average Error, Standard Deviation