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    NET VISION 2010
    Three-phase network analyzer with one current clamp to 100A (or to 1000A)


    Indication of the measured values

    Indication of the measured values

    Two beam oscilloscope

    Two beam oscilloscope

    Vector diagram

    Vector diagram

    Harmonic analysis

    Harmonic analysis

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    NET VISION 2010 is a portable device designed for a quick measurement of the electric values of three-phase network. It is used by power engineers for measurement in substations, check of AC motors, relay current protections, electricity meters, etc.

    The true RMS values of the three phases of voltage and one current are measured simultaneously. Active power, reactive power, power factor, sequence of rotation, frequency, phase-shift between voltages and between each voltage and current, harmonic analysis are computed and indicated. The vector diagram and the waveforms of the input signals can also be drawn on the graphic LCD display. 

    The current is measured with a current clamp to 100 A or to 1000 A.

    The device can work without batteries – it is supplied from the measuring circuit of the voltages.


    Mode Indication of the measured values

    The sequence of rotation and the frequency of the net are displayed permanently in this mode. Five more parameters are also displayed, which could be changed by the operator. 

    The following parameters could be displayed:

    • True RMS values of voltage and current (three voltages and one current);
    • Active power (each phase);
    • Reactive power (each phase);
    • Power factor (each phase);
    • Phase-shift between voltage and current in [Degree];
    • Peak values of voltage and current;
    • Crest factor; 
    • Phase-shift between two voltages in [Degree];

    All values displayed on the screen can be memorized under running numbers from 1 to 100.

    Mode Two beam oscilloscope

    Two waveforms in real time are drawn on the graphic display in this mode. The operator can choose the waveforms from the three voltages and one current.

    Mode Vector diagram

    The three voltages and the current are drawn as a vector diagram in this mode.

    Mode Harmonic analysis

    Indication of the harmonics to 15th of one signal in real time.

    Mode Display of memorized screens

    The operator can visualize screens which are memorized. The whole memorized data can be transferred to a computer in this mode.