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  • EMSYST-6 Ltd. – Sofia, Bulgaria The Power of Precise Measurement ™

    GOLD MINER IV Meter tester, CT tester and Circuit Analyzer

    Gold Miner IV

    Gold Miner

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    The Gold Miner IV is a precision, electronic, three-phase system used for field-testing of current transformers, electricity meters of various types, as well as performing wiring verification and circuit analysis of the entire measurement circuit. 

    The last Gold Miner IV version has some additional features – to read the Meter Bar Code according to AEP Standard; to control a Load and perform FL, LL and PF Meter Tests. 

    The integral memory allows the user to save test results, and via USB communication port to download the memorized data to a laptop or desktop computer.  


    • TFT Color Display, 5″, backlit 
    • In-service Testing of Energy Meters – Accuracy 0.04%
    • 3-Phase Real-time Vector Diagram, Wiring Verification
    • Analysis, Waveforms, Harmonics
    • Automatic CT Burden & Ratio Test for All Phases
    • Demagnetization of Current Transformers
    • User Safety Design – 600 V/ CAT IV
    • Bar Code Reader – AEP Standard – New!
    • FL, LL and PF Tests with Load in a Separate Case – New!
    • Powerful Software and Database, Export in Excel – New!


    • The Gold Miner™ IV; 
    • 3 Flexible Primary Probes (36 in. loop, 24 ft. length); 
    • 3 Test Plugs (Duckbills);
    • 4 Voltage Leads; 
    • 1 Electronic Pulse Pick-up for meter testing;
    • 1 Infrared Pulse Pickup; 
    • 1 Hand-switch for meter testing; 
    • 1 Rugged, Integrated Carrying Case; 
    • 1 Li-Ion Battery Pack and Charger Kit


    • 1 HV Optical Current Probe (2000A); 
    • 1 Primary Current Clamp (1000A); 
    • 3 Secondary Current Clamps (100A)