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    Three-Phase Current Load to 120 A (20 A) and Energy Standard Class 0.04 in One Case

    Three-Phase Current Load to 120 A (20 A) and Energy Standard Class 0.04 in One Case
    Test system
    Test system
    Test system
    Test system

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    The EE-120A-3S unit is used for testing electricity meters on-site, with the available customer voltage.  It consists of a Three-phase Current Load up to 120 A (20 A) and Energy Standard class 0.04  in one case.  

    The generated current is synchronized with the site supply voltage.

    All types of meters could be tested: single-phase or three-phase, Wye or Delta, mechanical or electronic, direct or indirect.  

    TESTS:  Error, Register, No Load and Starting Current Test;

    ENERGY TYPE: Active, Reactive or Apparent energy; 

    MEASUREMENT MODES: Test Plans, Manual Tests, Load Only;

    ANALYSIS MODE: Performed with Current Clamps to 100 A (1000 A); 

    MEMORY: Max. 100 Files, with 48 test points each, are saved in Flash; 

    SOFTWARE: EE Software operates under Windows with the following main functions: Control of the Test System, Download Files, Search in MySQL Data Base, Print Test Reports, Export in Excel, Create Test Plans.



    • Flexible structure: EE Test System works in 4 different modes, with or without a Voltage Generator:
      • EE-120A-3S unit is used only as a Standard for Calibration in a Laboratory or Analysis of the customer load, meter and CT testing
      • EE-120A-3S unit is used for on-site Meter tests, generating current synchronized with the service voltage
      • EE-120A-3S can be used optionally with the EE-500V-3 unit, to test     a Meter with generated current and voltage
      • Load Mode – generation of load values and indication of Vector Diagram or a Table with the values of U, I, P, ϕ, PF, THD, f
    • PC Control:  The EE Test System can be controlled from a PC, using EE Software for testing the meter
    • Automatic Test Plans: Pre-defined Test Plans are used to perform Meter tests automatically, with or without PC
    • Export of Test Reports in Excel
    • Statistics (New!): Up to 5 Errors at one Test Point are repeated, the Average Error and Standard Deviation are calculated
    • Generation of harmonics – up to 19th harmonic, with or without the   need of a PC