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The company's focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis.

EE-120A-3S + EE-500V-3
Three-Phase Current Load with Energy Standard Class 0.04 + Three-Phase Voltage Generator

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Application and brief description

The EE Test System is used for testing electricity meters on-site or in a laboratory. It consists of two units:
– Unit 1 – EE-120A-3S – Three-Phase Current Generator up to 120A and Energy Standard class 0.04;
– Unit 2 – EE-500V-3 – Three-Phase Voltage Generator up to 500V controlled from Unit 1 via RS485.
The Phantom Load is able to generate three-phase voltages and currents with unprecedented stability and measurement accuracy. The amplitude and phase-shift of each current and voltage is individually adjustable. All types of electricity meters – mechanical or electronic, for active, reactive or apparent energy, single-phase or three-phase – can be tested with the Energy Standard. The following meter tests can be carried out with the EE Test System: Error Test, Register Test, No Load Test and Starting Current Test. Full analysis of the customer load can also be performed, if current clamps have been ordered. All test results ( maximum 3 Test Plans, 5 Manual Measurements and Customer Load Analysis) can be saved in one file. 100 saved files can be viewed on the LCD display or transferred to a PC via USB port.


  • Flexible structure – the EE-120A-3S unit can be used alone for on-site tests and measurements, generating current synchronized with the available service voltage.
  • Two test modes – Manual mode and Test Plan mode. The Test Plan mode performs automatically meter error tests. 100 Test Plans can be predefined by the Operator, each one with 12 test points.
  • The EE Test System can be used as a Phantom Load only. The unique stability and measurement accuracy make the phantom load suitable for testing not only electricity meters, but also other measuring devices in a substation like amp-meters, volt-meters, power and power factor meters.
  • The EE Test System can be controlled from a PC, using EE Software, operating under Windows XP and later versions. In this case, additional functions are available, such as generation of harmonics to the 31st.

EE Software – Features, MySQL Database

  • Store and Analyze the Complete Site Testing
  • Create and Print Various Professional Reports
  • Add Your Notes and Additional Information
  • Search by Meter ID, Location, Date
  • Update Your Software, Free of Charge
  • Export of Test Results via Internet to other Computers

Functions and screens

PC Screens Control from a PC via USB and LCD Panel Screens Control by the panel keys

Analysis – table with display of V, I, φ, P, Q, S, cosφ, THD and f information

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Harmonic analysis of the voltage and current wave forms (up to 39th harmonic)

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Wave form display of voltage and current

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Manual test of electricity meters – Wh, VARh, VAh; Error Measurement, Register Test, Starting Current Test, No Load Test, Maximum Demand Test

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Automatic meter error test with predefined Test Plans

EE Test System PC control screen

EE Test System panel screen

Technical data


(Current Source)
(Voltage Source)
Power Supply: 85…265V AC,
85…265V AC,
Power Consumption: max 300VA max 150VA
Dimensions WxDxH: 465x355x175 mm 400x330x160 mm
Weight: 13.8 kg 10 kg
Housing: Rugged plastic case Rugged plastic case
Operation temperature range: -10°C…+50°C -10°C…+50°C
Storage temperature range: -20°C…+60°C -20°C…+60°C
Relative humidity: <95 % non condensing <95 % non condensing
Safety Tests: IEC61010-1-2002 IEC61010-1-2002
Degree of protection: IP-20 (opened),
IP-65 (closed)
IP-20 (opened),
IP-65 (closed)
Overvoltage Category: 300V, Cat III
(600V Cat II)
300V, Cat III
(600V Cat II)
Declaration of Conformity: CE Conform CE Conform
Three-Phase Load EE-120A-3
(Current Source)
(Voltage Source)
Ranges (per phase): 1 mA…12 A
500V (0.06A);
300V (0.12A)
  10 mA….120 A
150V (0.24A);
75V (0.48A)
Output Power (per phase): 70 VA max. 36 VA max.
Accuracy (100%…0.3% of range): <±0.04 %
(of measured value)
<±0.04 %
(of measured value)
Accuracy (± 0.3% of range): <±0.04 %
(of max. value)
<±0.04 %
(of max. value)
Stability: <0.03 % <0.03 %
Harmonic Distortion: <0.8 % <0.8 %
Phase Shift (for each phase): 0.0°…359.9°
(step 0.1°)
(step 0.1°)
(VA is always 0.0°)
Frequency (for all phases): 45…100Hz
(step 0.1Hz)
(step 0.1Hz)
Bandwidth: 30…2000Hz 30…2000Hz

Three-Phase Standard

Measuring Quantities: Volts, Amps, Phase Shift, P, Q, S, Wh, VARh, VAh, PF, Frequency
Measuring Modes: 1Ph 2W, 1Ph 3W, 3Ph 3W Delta, 3Ph 3W Net, 3Ph 4W Delta, 3Ph 4W Wye
Pulse Inputs: Scanning Head, Manual Button, High Frequency BNC Input (up to 200kHZ)
BNC Pulse output: 100 000 imp/kWh (Isolated, TTL level or open collector up to 50V)
Flash Memory: 100 files are saved, reviewed on the LCD display or can be sent to a PC

Standard Measurement Accuracy

Quantity Error Range (12A) Range (120A)
Voltage ≤ ±0.04 % 30…500V AC 30…500V AC
  ≤ ±0.04 % ** 5…29V AC 5…29V AC
Current (direct) ≤ ±0.04 % 50mA…12A 250mA…120A
  ≤ ±0.04 % ** 1mA…49mA 10mA…249mA
Current (with current clamps) ≤ ±0.2 % 100mA…120A
Wh / VAh (direct) ≤ ±0.04 % 50mA…12A 250mA…120A
VArh (direct) ≤ ±0.06 % * 50mA…12A 250mA…120A
Wh (with current clamps) ≤ ±0.2 % * 100mA…120A
Phase shift 0.01° 0.00°…359.99° 0.00°…359.99°
Power Factor 0.002 -1.000…+1.000 -1.000…+1.000
Frequency 0.01Hz 40Hz…100Hz 40Hz…100Hz
Temperature coefficient ≤ 30ppm/°K 0…40°C 0…40°C

* Error related to apparent power (to be divided by the power factor);

** Error related to the maximum value of the range