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    EE-120A-3 (EE-20A-3)Portable Three-Phase Current Load to 120 A (20 A)

    Portable Three-Phase Current Load to 120 A (20 A)

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    The Phantom Load is offered in two versions:

    • EE-120A-3 – Three-Phase Current Load up to 120 A
    • EE-20A-3 – Three-Phase Current Load up to 20 A

    The Phantom Load is able to generate three-phase currents, synchronized with the service voltage, with unprecedented stability and measurement accuracy. The amplitude and phase-shift of each current is individually adjustable.

    The measured values of voltage, current, power, power factor, phase shift, THD and frequency are indicated on the LCD display.



    Two generation modes – Manual mode and Test Plan mode.

    • Manual Mode: Indication in a Table of the Load values – Volts, Amps, Power – P, Q, S, Phase-shift, PF, THD, f. The screen could be turned to display the “Vector Diagram” of the Load.
    • Test Plan Mode: One Test Plan consists of 12 current values, which are changed automatically within pre-set time or with one keypad button used to move the pointer to another line of load parameters. 100 Test Plans can be predefined by the Operator.

    The unique stability and measurement accuracy make the phantom load suitable for testing not only electricity meters, but also other measuring devices in a substation like amp-meters, volt-meters, power and power factor meters.

    The phantom load can generate harmonics (up to 19th harmonic) without need of a PC.