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  • EMSYST-6 Ltd. – Sofia, Bulgaria The Power of Precise Measurement ™

    Single-Phase Current Load with Energy Standard Class 0.1 or 0.05

    Single-Phase Current Load to 120 A and Energy Standard Class 0.05 or 0.1 in One Case

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    EE-120A-1S consists of a Single-Phase Current Generator and Analyzing Standard class 0.05 or 0.1 in one case. The current generation is synchronized with the service voltage and is performed in the range  0.01…120.0A. The analyzing standard measures simultaneously one voltage and one current. It is able to measure the generated current (direct), or the current of one compensated Current Clamp (CC) to 100A.

    TESTS:  Error, Register, No Load and Starting Current Test;

    ENERGY TYPE: Active, Reactive or Apparent energy; 

    MEASUREMENT MODES: Test Plans, Manual Tests, Load Only;

    ANALYSIS MODE: Performed with Current Clamps to 100 A (1000 A); 

    MEMORY: Max. 100 Files, with 48 test points each, are saved in Flash; 

    SOFTWARE: EE Software operates under Windows with the following main functions: Download Files, Search in MySQL Data Base, Print Test Reports, Export in Excel, Create Test Plans.



    • Flexible structure: The unit EE-120A-1S works in three different modes:
      • Load Mode – generation of current values and indication of volts, amps, power, phase-shift, PF, THD, f;
      • Meter Tests with generated load – Error (Wh, VArh, VAh), Register Test, No Load and Starting Current Test;
      • Tests with Customer LoadAnalysis of the customer load and drawing the Wave-forms and Harmonic content of voltage and current; Meter Test with Customer Load.
    • PC Control:  The EE Test System can be controlled from a PC, using EE Software for testing the meter.  
    • Automatic Test Plans: Pre-defined Test Plans are used to perform Meter tests automatically, with or without PC.
    • Export of Test Reports in Excel.
    • Statistics (New!): Up to 5 Errors at one Test Point are repeated, the Average Error and Standard Deviation are calculated.
    • Generation of harmonics – up to 19th harmonic, with or without the   need of a PC.