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The company's focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis.

Portable Flow–meter Tester

Portable Flow–meter Tester

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The portable flow – meter testers RXXXP and RXXXPTM are independent autonomous high–efficient and precise devices designed for performance of a quick verification or adjustment during the manufacturing process of water – meters produced according to ISO 4064 or EN14154. The test could be performed on site, even without dismantling of the water–meter under test.

The portable testers RXXXP and RXXXPTM consist of calibrated reference meter, an electronic unit with microprocessor, keypad and display and inlet–outlet flow–control fittings. A comparative method of verification is used – that means that the volume measured by the water – meter under test is compared with the volume measured by the reference meter of the tester.

 The test mode is “Flying start”, thus the error from starting and stopping of the flow is eliminated.

The test is performed without removing the water meter from service, using a hose connection downstream of the water meter. Before the test the operator presets the volume of water which will pass trough the water meter during the test. He starts up the flow and regulates the preferred test flow- rate by regulating the outlet valve of the tester and observing the display. Without stopping the flow and observing the indication of the water meter under test, the operator presses the remote “start/stop” button in a suitable moment (e.g. when the water meter pointer passes the “0” position of the scale) and thus it starts the reference meter of the tester. After the water passes the preset volume, indicated by the water meter under test, the operator presses the “start/stop” button for the second time and stops the reference meter. After this operation the results of the test are shown on the tester display. An input is provided on RXXXPTM for reading the pulses from water – meters with pulse output. When the pulse input is used, the verification is performed automatically. The testers have a temperature sensor, which is measuring the temperature of the water and a pressure gauge.

All testers can work with 220V AC power supply or with the built-in rechargeable battery. Both the battery recharging and AC power supply are carried out by the adapter, which is delivered with the testers.


  R25P R212P
Flow range 0.05 m3/h up to 5.0 m3/h 0.120 m3/h up to 12 m3/h
≤ ± 1.0% 0.05 m3/h up to 0.20 m3/h 0.120 m3/h up to 0.280 m3/h
≤ ± 0.4% 0.20 m3/h up to 5.0 m3/h 0.280 m3/h up to 12.0 m3/h
Reference meter Mechanical type Mechanical type
Water temperature max 30°C max 30°C
Water pressure max 10 bar max 10 bar
Display  LCD-alphanumerical 4 lines,
20 symbols
LCD-alphanumerical 4 lines,
20 symbols
Key pad  10 digits and 5 command keys 10 digits and 5 command keys
Temperature sensor accuracy ± 1°C ± 1°C
Battery  6 V /4.5 Ah 6V /4.5 Ah
Battery  Operation min 35h min 35h
Battery charge time 10 h 10 h
Connection R¾” threaded R1¼” threaded
Dimensions  (in cm) 43/ 25/ 35 50/ 31/ 46
Weight max 7 kg max 15 kg

* For water temperature up to 30°C and ambient temperature up to 40°C