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The company's focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis.


Gold Miner Test System

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True three-phase analyzing standard, 0.04% accuracy.

Generation of three-phase current 2.0mA … 60A.

In service and ANSI testing with FL, LL and PF of energy meters.

Error tests (kWh, kVARh, kVAh), register test and maximum demand test.

Flexible structure with three different modes of performance:
Analyzing standard with four voltage inputs and six current inputs, measured simultaneously;
Current generation synchronized with the available customer voltage;
Current and voltage generation. The voltage is generated by a separate unit.

The lightest unit in its class available on the market. EE-60A-3 weighs only 33.3 lbs.

Wide input power rating 100V … 500V AC.

ANSI Testing of Meters in the Field:
FL, LL, PF and much more!

With the EE-60A-3, you can automatically test the accuracy of your meters at Full-Load, Light-Load, and Power Factor values with a push of a button. Generating up to 60 Amps (continuous) on each phase, allows you to test transformer-rated meters, as well as self-contained meters. If there is no test switch under the meter, then a Meter Test Jack might be used (see Accessories). Select a Test Plan, and see how the EE-60A-3 automatically sequences through up to 12 user-defined meter tests. You can even create up to 99 of your own Test Plans. And don’t forget, the integrated 3-Phase Energy Standard is fully traceable to NIST, and has an accuracy of +/-0.04% over its working range.

If there is no customer voltage, then you can simulate voltages with our Voltage Generator Box EE-600V-3, which is fully controlled via RS485 from EE-60A-3.

Simultaneous Primary
& Secondary Analysis and Vector Diagrams

Gold Miner performs circuit analysis and wiring verification on ALL phases for both Primary and Secondary circuit at the same time. Vector Diagrams, Harmonic Analysis, Input Waveforms and Tables with the numerical values of Voltage, Current, Phase Shift, Power and frequency are displayed on different screens.

VT Testing

Voltage transformers can be tested for turn ratio and phase displacement angle with HV voltage probe (for the primary side) and one of the voltage inputs (for the secondary side).

Automatic CT Burden & Ratio Testing
of ALL Phases without Interruption

With the push of a button, CT Burden and Ratio Tests are performed on all phases, without interruption. This is the fastest and safest way to test. You can view all burden graphs and tables from any test site directly from memory on the large LCD display.


Demagnetization of an operating current transformer can be carried out if the secondary circuit resistance is increased stepwise until the core goes into saturation, and thereafter is again stepwise decreased. The lower the secondary circuit current, the greater the resistance required for saturation.
For demagnetization we provide resistances up to 50Ω and power up to 100VA.

Use AMPGEN 100 to Test CTs
without Customer Load

The load-box AMPGEN 100 generates current on the primary of the CTs when there is not enough customer load. The maximum generated current is 100A / 200VA. The current is regulated manually with a potentiometer.

The On-Board Consultant

During testing, Gold Miner automatically searches for a variety of possible conditions on your circuit, which may warrant your attention. Upon detection, the on-board Consultant explains its findings, and provides guidance for further investigation so you may ultimately make money-saving corrections.

TESTMET Software with MySQL Database

Store and analyze the complete site testing.

Create and print various professional reports.

Add your notes and additional information into the test reports.

Search by meter ID, location, date.

Transfer the database to other computers or to a master server.

Update your software free of charge.