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The company's focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis.

Current Transformer Testers

Current Transformer Tester


The CTS-1 Test System is designed for a precise verification of the basic parameters – ratio and phase shift – of all types of current transformers according to the requirements of IEC 44-1/1996 standard. The Test System generates current up to 2400 A for the primary of the current transformer under test. A Z-burden with selectable value is provided for the secondary of the current transformer. By means of the CTS-1 system demagnetization of the current transformer under test can be performed.

The system operates under computer control (Windows XP or later). The software works in manual or a fully automatic mode of operation with the preliminarily set parameters. The measurement results can be saved in a database and printed. The operator can search and sort the results by ID, location and date.

The system is offered in modules, which can be fixed on a carriage, which makes it useful for both laboratory and on site measurements. The CTS-1 Test System consists of four basic modules:

  • Programmable current generator from 1 A to 2400 A;
  • Standard instrument (class 0.05) for measurement of current transformer parameters;
  • Compensated standard current transformer class 0.01 with sub-ranges;
  • Z-burden – for loading of the secondary of the current transformer


CTS-1/G and CTS-1/GA

Current Generator up to 2400 A

Current Transformer Tester

  • The generated current is set from the PC
  • Current range – from 1 A to 2400 A
  • Transformer core demagnetization mode
  • No-load and overload protection provided
  • Power supply – 220/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 4000 VA max

CTS-1/S Precision Measurement Instrument for Current
Transformer Parameters

Current Transformer Tester

  • Accuracy – class 0.05 for ratio, 2" for phase shift
  • Measurement inputs:
    – Current from the standard current transformer
    – Current (5 A or 1 A) from the Current transformer under test
    – Voltage on the secondary of the CT under test
  • Parameters to be set:
    – Range of the standard CT
    – Ratio of the CT under test
  • Values measured and displayed on two screens:
    – Mode "Transformation ratio": primary and secondary current, ratio, phase shift, error
    – Mode "Burden Parameters" on the secondary of the CT: apparent power, current, voltage and Z-burden parameters

Compensated Standard Current Transformer (CTS-1/C)

Current Transformer Tester

  • Terminals for 3 sub-ranges provided
  • Magnetic core losses compensation
  • Magnitude guaranteed error: < 0.01%
  • Phase shift guaranteed error: < 0.2’

Z-burden (CTS-1/Z)

Current Transformer Tester

  • Multi-positional switch-over for the load – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40
    and 60 VA
  • Cos φ switch over – 1 or 0.8
  • Switch-over for secondary current 1 A / 5 A