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The company's focus is in the field of test equipment designed for the purposes of testing electricity meters, current transformers and electrical network analysis.

Automatic test-system for check of one electricity meter
Single phase test system

Automatic test-system for check of one electricity meter

Application and brief description


PL 60/1 – single-phase electronic phantom load

PEWM 1/1 S – single-phase energy standard class 0.1

EH 11 – scanning head for reading the pulses (rotations) of the electricity meter


Test of all types of single-phase electricity meters. Check of error of the electricity meter, dial test, no-load test, starting current test.

Technical data

  • The values of voltage, current and dephasing are adjusted via a keyboard
  • Dosage of energy for test of registers
  • Indication of the actual values of U, I, f, P, Q
  • Indication of error of electricity meter
  • Automatic mode of work with a computer, print of protocols, organization of archive