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фирмата разработва и произвежда прецизни измервателни уреди – еталони за електроенергия, токови трансформатори, анализатори за трифазни мрежи и коректори на фактора на мощността cos φ

Трифазен еталон за енергия клас 0.04 или 0.1 и източник на ток до 120А

Three-Phase Current Load with Energy Standard Class 0.1

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Application and brief description

The EE-120A-3S unit consists of a three-phase energy standard class 0.1 and current load up to 120A.
The unit performs testing of all types of electricity meters using the voltages of the network. The meter error can be measured for active, reactive or apparent energy in Manual Mode or with predefined Test Plans using the keyboard and the LCD display on the panel. Maximum Demand Test, Register Test, Starting Current Test and No Load Test can be performed too.
The energy standard of the system can be used without the phantom load to test meters with customer load and perform analysis of the three-phase network – with direct measurement or with optional current clamps.
The analysis includes drawing of a vector diagram, waveforms, harmonic analysis and display of numerical values of power, power factor, voltage, current, phase shift, THT and frequency of the three-phase network.
The test results of 1000 test sites are stored in a non-volatile SD memory card. All these files can be transferred to a PC or viewed on the display of the unit.
All meter and analysis tests can be performed by a PC via EE software.


  • Compact, light weight, user friendly menu
  • Full control from the keyboard and LCD display on the panel,
    or by a PC via USB
  • Automatic meter error measurements,
    using predefined Test Plans
    Powerful software with MySQL database
  • Option – Measurement of Current Transformers
    and the System Error (meter + CT) with optional current probes
  • Option – Measuremet of CT / PT burden
  • Option – Control via RS232 of EE-300V-3 – a Three-Phase
  • Voltage Generator, creating an independent Test System
    for laboratory or on-site measurement of electricity meters
  • Safety Connection to the Meter with a special Phase Adapter and a Current Cable

EE Software – Features, MySQL Database

  • Store and Analyze the Complete Site Testing
  • Create and Print Various Professional Reports
  • Add Your Notes and Additional Information
  • Search by Meter ID, Location, Date
  • Update Your Software, Free of Charge
  • Export of Test Results via Internet to other Computers

Functions and screens

PC Screens Control from a PC via USB and LCD Panel Screens Control by the panel keys

Analysis – table with display of V, I, φ, P, Q, S, cosφ, THD and f information

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Harmonic analysis of the voltage and current wave forms (up to 39th harmonic)

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Wave form display of voltage and current

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Manual test of electricity meters – Wh, VARh, VAh; Error Measurement, Register Test, Starting Current Test, No Load Test, Maximum Demand Test

EE Test System PC control screen
EE Test System panel screen

Automatic meter error test with predefined Test Plans

EE Test System PC control screen

EE Test System panel screen

Technical data


Power Supply (for the Standard and the Display) 85 … 500VAC, 47 … 63Hz
Power Supply (for the Current Load, protection 500VAC) 85 … 265VAC, 47 … 63Hz
Consumption max 300VA
Dimensions 465x355x175 mm
Weight 13.5kg
Housing Rugged plastic case
Operation Temp. -10°C … +50°C
Storage Temp. -10°C … +50°C
Relative humidity <95% non condensing
Safety Tests IEC61010-1-2002
Functionality IEC 60 736
Over-voltage Cat. 300V Cat. IV
Protection IP-20 (open)
IP-65 (closed)
Conformity CE Conform

Three-Phase Current Load

Current Range (per phase) 1mA … 120A
Phase Shift (for each phase) 0.0° … 359.9°
Output Power (per phase) 60VA
Accuracy ±0.2 %
Harmonic Distortion <0.8 %

Three-Phase Standard

Measuring Quantities Volts, Amps, Phase Shift, P, Q, S, Wh, VARh, VAh, PF, Frequency
Measuring Modes 1 Phase 2 Wire, 3 Phase 3 Wire Delta, 3 Phase 4 Wire Wye
Isolated Pulse Inputs Scanning Head, Manual Button, KYZ, BNC High Frequency Input
  (Vcc = 12V, f ≤ 3MHz, I ≤ 0.1A)
Isolated Pulse Output 100 000 imp/kWh (Level 4 … 24V)
SD Memory Card 1000 tests reviewable on the LCD

Standard Measurement Accuracy

Quantity Range Error
Voltage (L1, L2, L3, N) 30 … 500VAC ≤ ±0.05 %
  5 … 29VAC ≤ ±0.05 % *
Voltage Burden 100mV … 10V ≤ ±0.5 %
  20mV … 99mV ≤ ±0.5 % *
Current (direct) 50mA … 120A ≤ ±0.1 %
  1mA … 49mA ≤ ±0.1 % *
Current Clamps 120A 100mA … 120A ≤ ±0.2 %
  10mA … 99mA ≤ ±0.2 % *
Current Clamps 1000A 5A … 1000A ≤ ±0.2 %
  0.1A … 4.9A ≤ ±0.2 % *
Wh / VAh (direct) 50mA … 120A ≤ ±0.1 % **
Wh / VAh (direct) 1mA … 49mA ≤ ±0.1 % *
Wh / VAh (120A CC) 100mA … 120A ≤ ±0.2 % **
Wh / VAh (1000A CC) 5A … 1000A ≤ ±0.2 % **
VArh (direct) 50mA … 120A ≤ ±0.2 % **
VArh (direct) 1mA … 49mA ≤ ±0.2 % *
VArh (120A CC) 50mA … 120A ≤ ±0.4 % **
VArh (1000A CC) 5A … 1000A ≤ ±0.4 % **
Phase shift 0.00° … 359.9° ≤ ±0.1°
Power Factor -1.000 … +1.000 0.001
Frequency 40Hz … 70Hz 0.01Hz
Temperature coefficient -10°C … 50°C ≤ 30ppm/K
CT Burden 0.1V … 10V / I > 0.1A ≤ ±0.5 %

* Error related to the maximum value of the range

** Error related to apparent energy (to be divided by the power factor)