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  • EMSYST-6 Ltd. – Sofia, Bulgaria The Power of Precise Measurement ™

    TST 3/10 Universal Meter Test Bench with 10 Positions New unique design!

    Meter Tests with Closed U-I Links

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    The Test Bench is designed in an innovative way and is able to test meters with closed U-I link without Isolating CTs.

    Each test position has its own 3-phase Current Generator and Energy Standard Class 0.04 or 0.02.

    The Test Bench can test all types of electricity meters of accuracy class 0.2 or worse – mechanical or electronic, single-phase or three-phase (Wye or Delta), for active, reactive or apparent energy.

    Tests – Error, Register, Starting Current, No-Load, Constant, Harmonics, Load Only.

    Components of the Test Bench

    • A Three-Phase Voltage Source “EE-500V-3” with up to 500 Vac generation per phase
    • Ten identical modules “EE-120A-BENCH”, each comprising a 3-phase current generator in the range 1 mA to 120 A (100 VA per phase each) and a 3-phase Energy Standard Class 0.04 or 0.02
    • Meter Suspension Rack with 5 / 10 positions for hanging the meter, Scanning Heads with 3D Mechanical Support, IR Optical Reader, Tariffs, Panic Button, Lamp
    • Error Indicator
    • PC with EE Software for automatic control, search in MySQL Database, print of Test Reports, export in Excel, Statistics


    • Meter Tests with closed U-I links, no need of Isolating CTs or VTs
    • Overall Accuracy – ±0.04% or ±0.02%; No additional Error from ICTs or voltage drops
    • If a meter is missing, no need of re-connections, just switch off the Module
    • Very safe, simple, modular construction; easy for mounting, support and calibration
    • The needed output power for the current generator is twice less, compared with conventional Benches, because of the short cables and lack of Isolating CTs
    • Meters with different constant can be tested on each test position
    • Automatic reading of the meter registers with IR Head, according to IEC 62056-21
    • Export of Test Results in Excel
    • Statistics – up to 10 repeats, calculation of Average Error, Standard Deviation