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    Gold Miner IV

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    Application and brief description

    Simultaneous Accuracy Testing of the Entire Measurement Circuit

    If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Gold Miner is the first device of its type to test the electricity meter using exact, simultaneous measurements made on all primary and all secondary phases of the circuit. Perform in-service meter testing with a combined 3-phase load, or a single-phase load. Gold Miner not only displays the Meter’s accuracy, but also the overall, true accuracy resulting from the CTs + Meter combination for your entire measurement circuit.

    Automatic CT Burden & Ratio Testing of ALL Phases without Interruption

    With the push of a button, CT Burden and Ratio Tests are performed on all phases, without interruption. This is the fastest and safest way to test. You can view all burden graphs and tables from any test site directly from memory on the large LCD display.

    Instantanious Analysis of All Power Parameters

    Gold Miner performs circuit analysis and wiring verification on ALL phases for both Primary and Secondary circuit at the same time. Vector Diagrams, Harmonic Analysis, Input Waveforms and Tables with the numerical values of Voltage, Current, Phase Shift, Power, frequency are displayed on different screens.

    VT Testing

    Voltage transformers can be tested for turn ratio and phase displacement angle with HV voltage probe (for the primary side) and one of the voltage inputs (for the secondary side)


    Demagnetization of an operating current transformer can be carried out if the secondary circuit resistance is increased stepwise till the core gets into saturation, and thereafter is again stepwise decreased. The lower the secondary circuit current, the greater the resistance required for saturation. We ensure for demagnetization resistances up to 50Ω and power up to 100VA.

    Improved Accuracy – 0.04% max

    The electronic components used in the three-phase analyzing standard are with lower temperature and annual drift and show excellent repeatability of measurement.

    User Safety Design

    600V CAT IV for a measuring instrument means that it can be operated on outdoor installations with rated voltage up to 600V, and that it can support instantaneous overvoltage up to 7kV.
    To make our instrument safe for operation under most difficult conditions, we undertook the following changes in Gold Miner:
    – safety fused voltage test leads;
    – no metal parts – all sockets and the panel are plastic;
    – the analog inputs withstand up to 7kV electrostatic discharge

    The On-Board Consultant

    During testing, Gold Miner automatically searches for a variety of possible conditions on your circuit, which may warrant your attention. Upon detection, the on-board Consultant explains its findings, and provides guidance for further investigation so you may ultimately make money-saving corrections.

    Save and View Saved Files

    Gold Miner IV stores up to 100 test sites in a non-volatile
    memory. All these files can be transferred to a PC via USB port or viewed on the display of the unit. When saving, the operator need only enter the Location name and the ID Number of the meter. The date and time are automatically saved.

    EMSYST Software

    EMSYST Software uses MySQL Database. Searches with different criteria may be performed and Test Reports viewed and printed. The operator is able to customize the heading of the Report and add additional notes.

    Standard Equipment

    • The Gold MinerTM IV
    • 3 Flexible Primary Probes (36 in. loop, 24 ft. length)
    • 3 Test Plugs (Duckbills)
    • 5 Voltage Leads with Fused Crocodile Clips
    • 1 Universal Scanning Head (Pick-up)
      for counting the pulses of electronic meters
      or the rotations of mechanical meters
    • 1 Hand-switch for meter testing
    • 1 Rugged, Integrated Carrying Case
    • 1 Li-Ion Battery Pack and Charger Kit

    Optional Equipment

    • 1 HV Optical Voltage Probe (40kV)
    • 1 HV Optical Current Probe (2000A)
    • 1 Primary Current Clamp (1000A)
    • 3 Secondary Current Clamps (200A)
    • 3 Extension Cables for Flexible Probes (24 ft. each)